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From: Mr Skinny free sex cp post

Subject: Geeks Get Hot - 7-AnthonyDisclaimer:The following piece of fiction contains explicit descriptions of sexual
acts between consenting adult males aged over the age of 18. Please do not
read further if the subject matter might offend you. If you are aged under
18 (or 21 videos cp forum free if that is the law in your state or country) please leave this
site without reading further.
Note from Author:This part of the story is told cp 13 yo porn by Anthony. At some point in the future, I
plan to completely retell the story from Brad's point of view.
Geeks Get Hot (part 7) -- AnthonyIt was the end of our first full week of lectures. I had survived! I found
the American style of teaching very different to that at my university in
the UK. Luckily, Brad and some of the other friends I'd made were on hand
to help me out with a couple of things.I'd got up late on Saturday and spent the day quietly in mine and Brad's
room, watching a DVD box-set, updating my `Facebook' profile, and composing
a long and newsy email to my parents and brother. Brad had gone to meet his
cousin downtown (see, I'm getting more States-like by the day!) and arrived
back early in the evening carrying several 4-packs of lager that his cousin
had bought for him to share between us.We ordered a takeaway pizza, set up Brad's games console, and spent the
evening lying side by side on Brad's bed playing computer games, drinking
lager and talking. I told Brad all about my first year of university and
how different studying in the States was proving free cp sex to be, and he talked about
his cousin, how she was writing a novel, but working 3 part-time jobs at
once to earn enough to tiny nudist cp live on.It was very humid that xxx cp gallery
evening, the close atmosphere that happens just
before a giant thunderstorm breaks, and illegal cp pussy
our room soon got quite hot and
stuffy. Once it got dark, we didn't want to have the window open because
giant moths and annoying buzzing flies kept flying in, so in an attempt to
keep as cool as possible, we peeled off our sweaty t-shirts and then our
jeans, until we were wearing just our underwear. vombat cp tgp By this time we were
completely comfortable at being around each other in such a state of
undress, as roommates should be. As usual, I was wearing tight boxerbriefs,
today light grey in colour, and Brad was wearing briefs, classic tight
white ones, that perfectly emphasised his bulge (...not that I was
looking...well, not that much! Old habits die hard!)We had just finished a level and were waiting for the game to reload, when
Brad let out a very long loud burp. Now in everyday life, I find burping
somewhat rude, but under the right conditions and when I'm in the right
mood, I have to confess, I find burping incredibly hot for some reason,
especially when the burp is as loud and masculine and juicy as the one Brad
had just let rip. In my boxerbriefs, I felt my cock twitch at the sound."Excuse me," Brad said, "fizzy drinks always give me gas.""Don't worry about it mate," I replied. " `Better out than in' as the
saying goes.""Fuck! If I'd known cp 13 yo porn
that was your attitude I wouldn't have tried to be so
polite and keep it in free cp photo
all this time.""That's just for burping mind. It definitely doesn't apply to
farting. Especially not while we're illegal cp kids keeping the window closed!""Don't worry, that won't be a problem" Brad said, finishing his sentence
with another colossal burp and then letting out a deep cp 13 yo porn sigh of contentment.Fuck! That was hot! I felt my cock getting harder in my underwear, and
rolled over so I was lying on my stomach, my growing bulge hidden from view
beneath my body. Brad joined me in the same position and we played the next
level of the game, my right forearm and his left forearm sometimes brushing
lightly against each other from our close proximity and how we held our
game controllers.I tried my best to concentrate on the game, but my attention was more on
the hardness trapped between my stomach and the mattress. Mmm, I was
feeling horny. Probably a combination of all the cans of lager I'd drunk
and the vombat cp tgp fact that I was lying right next to another almost naked
person. And not just any naked person, but one with a cock of their own!
One that I knew from the occasional glimpses I'd hardcore cp pics
had of it in its soft
state, was impressive in size. As I was lying on elegal cp porn the bed, I started slowly
grinding my hips, my movements slight and barely noticeable, but pressing
my cockhead down firmer onto the mattress and moving it ever so slightly
forwards and backwards, rubbing against the material of my grey
boxerbriefs. Fuck that feels good.We finished the level and Brad let out another satisfying-sounding burp,
not quite as long as the first two, but just as loud. My dick felt like
cast-iron. I was longing to lean forward to sniff in the warm breath he had
just emitted, then turn my head to furiously kiss the lips from which the
sound had just erupted, pressing my own lips hard against his, sliding my
tongue into his mouth to taste him.Fuck my cock was so fucking hard! Next to me, Brad shifted his weight. Out
of the corner of my eye, I saw him lift his hips slightly up off the bed to
adjust himself to cp porn pic
a more comfortable angle. As he lowered his body back
down, his bare leg rubbed up against mine. My hardcore cp pics cock jolted at the body
contact. I waited for him to move his leg away from me, but he left it
there. I could feel the hairs on his leg touching my own. Beneath me, my
rock underground sex cp hard cock begin to leak and I dug into the mattress even harder. Now
our legs were touching, Brad must have noticed my squirming, though he
probably didn't realise the reason for it."Yes, I can never get comfortable lying on my front either," he said
matter-of-factly. "I always manage to get one of my balls trapped. I swear
one day I'm going to crush one."We lapsed into silence for a bit. Not an awkward one, but the comfortable
kind that you can have with close friends."Anthony, are you a virgin?"His question came out cp portal porno of the blue and startled me for a moment as it wasn't
one I was expecting, and probably not one he'd have dared to ask had he not
had so much to drink."Yes," I admitted."Me too. It sucks doesn't it?" He was slurring his words a little, the
lager having taken its effect. "And I mean, college is supposed to be all
about freedom and independence and experimenting and most importantly,
fucking anything that moves, and here we are, with not even a sniff of a
sexual encounter between us. You know more than half the guys on our
corridor have already gotten some action? It's so unfair!""Yes, but you have only been here two weeks," I reminded him. "There's
plenty more time to get some!""I can't wait though Anthony. I want to see for myself what all the fuss is
about. And I feel such a failure. I'm probably going to be the last cp kidz porno
on this corridor to get a fuck.""Hey, you're nowhere near as big a failure as me when it comes to a
sex-life don't forget I've already spent a whole year at university
away from home without getting laid!""Fuck, I'd forgotten that. Dude, how did that happen? And how did you cope?
I can't imagine spending another whole year as a virgin. cp kindersex The first chance I
get, I'm gonna lose it. I can't wait for that day. You know, my doctor says
I have a high sex-drive.""uh-huh" I responded, showing cp pregnancy him I was still listening to his drunken
outpouring."I'm horny all the fucking time dude. I can't imagine lasting a whole year
with no action at all. And you spent a whole year with...nothing? Not even
a blowjob? Not even a handjob?""Not even a fully-clothed grope during a slow-dance" I confessed."Fuck dude!"Brad reached his hand under his body to readjust himself once more and his
bare leg grazed against mine, our leg hairs brushing against each other,
sending a shiver right down my spine and through to the tip of my rigid
dick."So, this is kinda embarrassing," Brad said, "but do you mind if I get
off?"Puzzled, my mind thought over what he said. Presumably he meant "get off to
sleep"."No free cp photo problem," I said. "It is pretty late isn't it?""Oh dude, you don't know how relieved I am to hear you say that. It's
probably the heat and the drink and shit, but I really don't think I'll be
able to manage to wait until you fall asleep."Wait...what was he saying?Brad rolled himself over then knelt up and leaned over the back of me. One
of his hands rested on the back of my leg for balance, as he reached over
to pull open the drawer of his bedside table, then retrieve something from
out of the drawer. He manoeuvred his weight back onto his knees and I felt
his hand leave the back of my leg, then suddenly fall down right in the
centre of my boxerbriefs-covered arse. His fingers were clutching my
arse-cheek tightly, his thumb wedged into the cleft between my two cheeks.
Fuck! That feels nice!"Whoops, sorry about that, lost my balance" he chuckled, pushing his hand
off me and then turning his body round until he was sitting back down,
inches from my face. My cock felt like an iron rod between my stomach and
the bed. I turned my head to look at Brad and found my eyes directly in
line with... Fuck!...

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